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Mission Statement

iVannah's Story:

As caregivers we nurture and care for our clients and family with our hand, heart, and mind on a day-to-day basis. Often, as the client or family member Vikiah & DeVannah realize you to can be the caregiver in many capacities, and at times forget about SELF, and your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical needs suffer leading to lost identity (co-dependency), depression and anxiety. It is important to address your personal needs to prevent the root of DIS-EASE to manifest in the body. iVannah Wellness Spa was GOD's gift to Vikiah and DeVannah to assist both women and men in achieving their definition of beauty by providing non-invasive procedures to assisting with invasive post-op procedure healing.

Mission Statement:

Here at iVannah Wellness Spa, we aim to create a difference in women and men on the spectrum of self-care and holistic care serving the mind, body, and heart in an environment free of judgement, and promoting relaxation, healing and wellness to all.



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